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"The thrill of your first wave fills the soul!"



Growing up a coastal boy means the water and the beach has always been a huge part of my life, but the waves on the west coast of Florida were inconsistent and small, less than ideal for a young surfer. It's wasn't until I began surfing the East coast that I began the search for the best ride of my life. I became engulfed in the surf lifestyle as a teenager and began to ride better and bigger waves on surf trips with friends.


I’ve been blessed to enjoy teaching surf lessons for the past seven years on the Big Island. Surfing is more than a sport to me, it's a soulful and mystical experience, and began even before I caught my first wave.


It is said that "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun." (Phil Edwards) This is exactly why I started Go Surf Hawai'i. I refined our surf lesson experience to ensure safety, and fun at any age, and any level. We use well maintained soft top surfboards & leashes that have been rigorously tested to ensure top quality. I am honored to teach the sport of kings, at the Big Islands premiere location!
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